Learn how to set up free email automation with Mail Chimp

What is email automation?

Email automation is suggested in the name, it’s emails that are sent on a trigger without need for your interaction allowing the perfect timing for your email and even sequence of emails.

It can trigger on email list sign-up, purchase of an item or even items left in an e-commerce cart, telling them to come back and finish their purchase.

email automation sign up pop mail chimp

Why use an email automation system?

Although you could go through and send perfectly personalized emails to each person, you can’t do that for many.
Some companies are looking at thousands or millions of customers which they can’t keep emailing personally.

Therefore email automation helps with large scale personalization, building up personalized trust and connection with customers as they subscribe, show interest or even ignore you.

Email automation significantly helps with improving your online marketing.

Steps to creating your email automation

I’ll walk you through steps to setting up a basic email automation to introduce customers to your company upon sign-up.

Since Mail Chimp just released their email automation for free I’ll be showing you how to use their software.

Sign up to Mail Chimp for a free account here.

Creating a list with Mail Chimp

Once you’ve gone through the sign up process, the first step is to create a list which your subscribers will be able to enter into.

Try make it specific and personal to where they’ve been added to your mailing list, for instance “email marketing automation”


email list automation step one mail chimp

Mail Chimp provides the essential information as you fill in the form so you shouldn’t need too much help, if there’s problems filling in the information contact their support team on support@mailchimp.com


filling in details for mail chimp email list automation

There’s many ways to integrate mail chimp listings to your website, either coding it or numerous plugins, so I won’t cover that but here’s a guide on how to code their sign-up form into your site or how to get your API key for plugins.

Creating your automated email sequence

Once you’ve got your list sorted, click the automation tab on the top navigation bar.

Mail Chimp has a number of suggested set ups for email sequences to help you get started, we’ll start with the welcome series.

mail chimp automation setup sequence emails

The welcome series has three emails initially suggested which are sent a day apart from the time of sign-up.
This is an excellent way to introduce new customers to your product and teach them to use it or just provide information relevant to your company.

Next step is designing the email where there’s a number of templates for us to use.
I’ve selected the ‘Welcome’ template.

Here you have a drag and drop builder to help you create emails.

email design for automation sequence

Once designed, you can filter who will receive what emails, increasing the personalization of the emails, example here would be changing the location filter to a set country.

Me setting the location to Australia, means anybody outside of Australia will not receive this email in the sequence.
This is a good way to duplicate and then personalize each email.

email automation sequence filter

Finish set-up of email automation

Once you’re happy with the settings and email, click the ‘next’ button in the bottom right corner.

Once all checks have been done for your emails, you can happily start your new sign up system to get your customers engaging.


With Mail Chimp’s new email automation becoming free, it opens the gates to smaller companies to get closer with their customers and personalize every email.
I hope this post helped walk you through creating a basic welcome email automation sequence for Mail Chimp to increase your relationships with your customers and increase your sales.