How to create and upload an xml sitemap to google using screaming frog


1) What is an XML Sitemap

2) Why use an XML Sitemap

3) How to get an XML Sitemap

4) 5 Steps

5) Conclusion

What is an XML Sitemap?

XML is one of the languages used for transferring information online and an XML sitemap is a like a map of cities and the roads that connect them.

They list all the pages and links on your website, including when it was updated and what the most important pages are, allowing web crawlers such as google’s to intelligently navigate your page.

Why do I need an XML sitemap?

People often believe “What goes around comes around“, this is true for search engines also, if you make it easy for crawlers to index your site, they’ll give a boost to your SEO for all the pages on your website, the sitemap should be your first step of your SEO plan.

Since it is a map containing all the urls on your website, it makes it significantly easier for them to find all the links which may otherwise be difficult if your internal linking is not clear.

The clear linking internally and externally from an XML Sitemap gives a big boost to search engine optimization.

How do I get a sitemap?

I use Screaming Frog SEO Spider for checking my on-site links and creating XML Sitemaps.

Download and install the spider from the link above, then follow the steps for creating and submitting your sitemap.

Step 1: Open and input your url

Open Screaming Frog crawler and add your websites url as shown below.
Once that’s done click start for it to start crawling your site and collecting information which would be used for your XML Sitemap.

screaming frog xml sitemap crawler step 1

Step 2: Create Sitemap

Once the site has been completely crawled, select ‘Sitemaps‘ from the top nav and select ‘Create XML Sitemap‘.

Here a window will pop up for you to select options about what information gets included on your sitemap.

screaming frog crawler step 2 SEO XML Sitemap

Step 3: What’s included in your sitemap

If you have PDF’s or images you would like to include, I would tick those boxes but leave the rest unless you know what you’re doing.

Once you tick the appropriate boxes, click next to download the XML sitemap.

Use this guide for more information on how to use the crawler.

Screaming Frog XML Sitemap step 3

Step 4: Uploading to Server

You’ll be required to upload your XML Sitemap to your website, there are many ways to do this but we use an FTP Client called Filezilla to connect and upload files.

Step 5: Connecting to Google

Once you’ve got the XML Sitemap you need to link it to Google Search Console, which is an excellent tool for managing your google presence.

After logging in and setting up Google Search Console find your way to the XML Sitemaps section on the left sidebar.

Crawl > Sitemaps

Here click ‘Add/Test Sitemap’

screaming frog seo xml sitemap crawler step 5


Your sitemap should now be uploaded and google will be able to better rank your content online.

An XML Sitemap is an extremely easy and fast way to gain some useful SEO points and every website should have one.


Hopefully you found this article helpful, follow us on Social Media for further help and let us know any other secrets you have for a quick SEO boost in the comments below.

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